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About Us

Southern Cross Care (Broken Hill) Ltd (SCCBH) – as it is now known – was founded in September 1974 as a branch of New South Wales Southern Cross Homes Inc., by an Order of Catholic laymen known as The Knights of the Southern Cross (Branch 14, Broken Hill) (KSCBH).

A Committee of KSCBH members was formed on 17 February 1972 to investigate the need for and the feasibility of building and operating aged care facilities in Broken Hill. A feasibility study of the city was conducted through various organisations: religious, service Clubs, pensioner groups and the Broken Hill City Council. The need for varied accommodation for the aged in housing, hostels and nursing homes soon became obvious. On 18 August, 1974, Kevin Ryan, the Chairman of Southern Cross Homes, N.S.W. came to Broken Hill and recommended that the KSCBH undertake the building and operation of retirement homes.

The KSCBH formally adopted the building of a 40-unit retirement village, which was subsequently named the Con Crowley Village, as a Branch project on 15 September 1974. Consequently the Investigation Committee became the Southern Cross Homes (Broken Hill) Committee of Management. The building of a Community Centre saw the completion of the Village in 1982.

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Contact Us

238 Piper St, Broken Hill NSW 2880, Australia

If you would like to make a general enquiry, please fill out the form below and one of our staff will contact you. Alternatively, if you want to contact one of our facilities the numbers are listed below:

St Anne’s Nursing Home & Harold Williams Home: (08) 8080 1850

Aruma Lodge: (08) 8088 1630

Oasis Aged Care: (03) 5024 7474

The Vines: (03) 5022 8346

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